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What is Arimidex:

The generic name of Arimidex is Anastrozole and while there are several other brand names used around the world, Arimidex is by far the most common and widely used and known.

Usage of Arimidex:

It’s the Arimidex brand that is very popular among steroid users to address the estrogenic side effects we experience with the use of many anabolic steroids. For this purpose, Arimidex is almost always recommended for use in a steroid cycle.

As one of the best aromatase inhibitors, Arimidex is considered the most effective choice for combating the estrogenic side effects of aromatizing steroid use like gynecomastia, water retention and the associated high blood pressure that can come with excess water retention.

Increases testosterone levels by Anastrozole:

While not all steroids aromatize, the most common anabolic steroids that you’re likely to be using, like all forms of Testosterone, Nandrolone, Dianabol and others come with strong estrogenic effects as a result of aromatization.Therefore the use Arimidex in post cycle therapy is going to be a high priority for the majority of steroid users, whether you’re a beginner or advanced user or somewhere in between.

Arimidex for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Arimidex has the ability to stimulate natural testosterone production in men and this can make it useful during post cycle therapy where the goal is to build up natural testosterone levels again after they’ve been strongly suppressed during a cycle.

Keep in mind that for most guys, Arimidex alone will not be strong enough as a testosterone stimulator to use alone in post cycle therapy, and some choose not to use it at all.This can come as some surprise to new steroid users who assume AIs, with their exceptionally powerful estrogen reduction ability, must be the best option for post cycle therapy.

You can go ahead and combine these with hCG for maximum effect during post cycle therapy, where your core goals are stimulating natural testosterone function again and avoiding the horrendous symptoms of low testosterone, plus ensuring all or most of the gains made during your steroid cycle are maintained.

Anastrozole Dosage during Anabolic Steroid Use

Arimidex is a highly effective aromatase inhibitor at low doses for estrogen control when using steroids that aromatize. Many guys will find that 0.5mg every two days is enough to mitigate all side effects.

Others will need to increase to 1mg every two days. While some people will take as much as 1mg of Arimidex every day during a cycle this is usually unnecessary and it’s also advised to test your individual response to the drug by starting out at the lower dose.

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